Eco-Friendly Utility Marking

Low impact, enviromentaly friendly marking paint, because this stuff matters.

Utility Locating marks sprayed by common inverted paint cans will linger from 6 months to 3+ years. This leads to an ever expanding canvas of “industrial graffiti” across our roads, walkways, driveways and patios. In addition, it costs almost three times (3x) the amount of money to erase the marks as it does to spray them.
Utility Marking Paint

We use EZ Paint, which will still hold up to the
elements for months. Over the course of a month or
two, its water base evaporates, and other ingredients
bio-degrade, making the unsightly marks vanish.
Truly temporary marking paint.
With no harmful solvents.
No health or environmental concerns.
No chemical washes.
No sandblasting.
No paint removal costs.

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