Electromagnetic Utility Locating

Elecromagnetic Utility Locating Services in Philadelphia, New Jersey, and surrounding areas.

Electromagnetic Utility Locators are used to generate a
radio frequency on underground pipes and cables. This
frequency can be applied to the sub-surface features, and
detected on the surface with the use of a receiver unit. This is
the most common method used to locate private utilities, and
can be very accurate. We locate all kinds of underground
pipes and cables, most commonly being Electric, Telephone,
CATV, Gas, Propane, Water, Sanitary Pipes, Storm Pipes,
and Irrigation Control Wire.

Common Electromagnetic Locating Limitations

The most common limitation we face with electromagnetic
locating is the material of our target utility. Electromagnetic
locators are not capable of locating today's plastic, concrete
asbestos, terra cotta, or other non-ductile pipes with out the
use of tracer wire or a traceable duct rodder.

Other limitations include the depth of the utility. In most areas,
this type of locating will not produce results beyond a depth
of 10-15 feet.

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