Ground Penetrating Radar

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Ground penetrating radar is used to locate and identify
underground utilities and other various underground features.
GPR uses a radio frequency that is emitted into the ground
from an antenna. Once the signal has reflected, or bounced
off of an object in the earth, a visual representation of this
object is displayed to the operator.

Ground Penetrating Radar is most commonly used to identify
the location of buried pipes, cables, tanks, manholes, inlets,
and other commonly buried objects that can not be located
using conventional methods.

Common GPR Limitations
Some common limitations to using ground penetrating radar
can include soil density and conductivity, environment
accessibility, material & size of target utilities, and
congestion of surrounding underground commodities.

Although some of these limitations can be controlled, not all
can be. The most prominent limitation we encounter is with regard to the material and size of the
target utility. Our manufactures recommend as a general guideline that ground penetrating radar
equipment is limited to locating pipes and cables in a 1" to 1' ratio. This means that we are capable of
locating a utility 2" in diameter up to 2' deep. A 6" pipe up to a 6' depth, and so on. In many cases, we
are able to out-perform these standards.

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